Here’s What Everyone Missed in The Dorsey, Musk, and Wood Bitcoin Talk — News

Musk: Bitcoin empowers the individual

For Musk, money is an information system, primarily for labor allocation, and there are a number of issues with the various database systems that are currently used around the world today. Specifically, Musk sees serious issues when it comes to the speed and security of these outdated systems.

Dorsey: Bitcoin changes everything

For Dorsey, BTC is a potential native currency for the internet that could eventually change the world. The Twitter CEO was explicit about the influence the cypherpunks have had on his thinking.

Wood: Bitcoin is the best money for ESG

Wood talked about the ability for Bitcoin to change the world in the context of the movement found within many traditional institutions regarding how companies impact various social causes, which is commonly referred to as ESG (environment, social, and governance).



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